Like a tailor-made suit

is every single sheet metal handling system for transfer presses and tandem lines we produce.

Customized technological solutions developed with tailored care for a total «fit».

Our formula is simple:

we put machines at people’s service and technology at the service of experience.

A mindset that has rewarded us with more than

and a promise of performance that drives everything we do.

Configure your own Pagurus Grip® that best suits your project

Each sheet metal part has a unique geometry and method.
Just as the tailor defines the suit according to the person’s physical features, you can configure your tailored pneumatic clamp as well. To do this, use our Configurator: you will get your own «ready to wear» CAD model.

Our promise is to manufacture the product you have defined with the utmost accuracy: in the materials selection, in the machining precision, in the attention during assembly, in the seriousness of the functional tests. We put expertise, knowledge and passion into it.

Configure your product

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