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Scarlatelli Nicola

Once upon a time...

there was an Ulysses entrepreneur who decided to make a long and tiring journey in Italy that started from a difficult Postwar Molise to the industrializing Turin.

This is the story of a countryside, a village: your village. And then an exodus, a journey, a distance, a hope, a profession, a long and endless study period and then a job. A wage, a rent, a neighborhood, a sharp cold. And for warming up: a creed, a passion, a dream, an awakening, and then the farewell to certainty and welcome to uncertainty: the free undertaking, the enterprise! Where risk is a daily manner and life is a bet. This is the story of an Undertaking.

And the story of an Ulysses entrepreneur: Pasqualino Scarlatelli, the founder of OMS (Officine Meccaniche Scarlatelli), a mechanical company born in 1974 that started working as one of Lancia’s many subcontractors, right next to the skyscraper, in Saint Paul’s borough in Turin, where every backyard was a workshop.

Pasqualino doesn’t undertake the entrepreneurial path alone, he travels alongside with his steadfast and enthusiastic brother, Nicola Scarlatelli.

Together they decide to start working not only as subcontractors but also as special equipment manufacturers for the automotive market and especially pneumatic grippers for the sheet metal forming.

SAMEC srl is born initially to commercialize OMS’s products for a consequent expansion by embedding OMS and pursuing continuous improvement and positioning in the global markets (Orlando Manfredi, 2015).

And just like in every story there’s a happy ending, otherwise named as an accomplishment: our 40 years celebration. A new starting point towards fascinating destinations.

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The Company

Today the family owned company continues its growth path with commitment, passion, the urge to build and a particular focus on training.

Samec designs, manufactures, assembles, installs and commercializes modular components and systems

for sheet metal handling on transfer presses and robotized stamping lines. With more than 2000 applications produced, Samec is a national leader.

Thanks to a wide machine fleet and a qualified technical department, the company manufactures also pneumatic grippers, linear ball-bushing sliding blocks and slides, cams and cam holders guides.

All the components are certified UNI EN ISO: 9001. The control of the entire production chain stands out as a reliability guarantee.

Keywords: Definition, Refinement, Transparency


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