We are People that live with Passion
Passion can be differently shaped, but it surely has one common denominator: the intensity of making.
Passion is tension, desire, energy applied to gesture.
It is presence and dedication that connects mind, heart and hand.

35 years old is our average age, 8 different nationalities and just as many ways of speaking, working, thinking, believing, having fun, praying, eating. This biodiversity is both richness and daily challenge.

Lego Serious Play

This is a team building exercise we have chosen to allow everyone to express themselves without words in order to break down every language barrier.

The Charter of Values

Written by all the employees, it is the result of the patchwork we compose day by day like a lego with our ventures by working while sharing together space, time, deadlines and rituals.

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SAMEC’s method

Our work begins with sharing and providing technical support during the die design and process definition phase together with our customers.
Because doing our best unconditionally is more than a goal, it is a resposibility we feel towards our partners.

Industrial craftsmanship....

Like a skilled tailor, Samec creates handling systems that fit every application need. 


30 Km of excellence
90% of our suppliers and business network partners are located in Turin and its outskirt.
A very short supply chain because we are located in the center of a symbol-territory of the automotive industry and this allows us to proudly confirm our
Sustainability, Flexibility and Readiness

Our Commitment to NeXt Index® ESG for Integral Sustainability

We strongly believe that respect and value appreciation of people and environment together with the power of Voting with the Wallet is the only path towards a New Economy.

NeXt Index® ESG  evaluates and supervises our commitment to integral sustainability understood as a process of generative development oriented towards common well-being.

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A social commitment

inclusive and youth-centered. The aim is guiding young people’s aptitude, nurture their ambitions, dreams, hopes and chase away fears by spreading knowledge and «know-how».

Training, an investment for society

In SAMEC we do believe in training and that is why we cooperate with schools, ITS and universities. Every year we welcome 20 students who learn and work with us in internships and dual systems. Our goal? Investing for the future, educating for a self-entrepreneurship approach because work allows us to fulfill our humanity.

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« I have a debt to my homeland. I return what I received and returning means participating »

Nicola Scarlatelli


Our corporate social responsibility philosophy is not making profit, but finding ways to spread it especially inside the company and possibly outside too.

By following this belief we became part of MELISE - the organic apple production cooperative, Malto Lento - the agricultural brewery and the community apiary from Castel del Giudice, Molise.

The future of the company is built starting from its past, with the engagement of every single person. The community belonging sense and strong roots was powered by a theatrical piece that traveled through a life and family story, while celebrating 40 years business.